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International Forest Therapy Days – Born from a Metsäsuhde. (03/01/2019)

Forest Bathing International Magazine, Issue 1.

Nature and Health – Students’ perspective on Nature Assisted Interventions (13/08/2018)

LTV-fakultetens faktablad. Fakta från Arbetsvetenskap, Ekonomi och Miljöpsykologi (AEM):

Relationship lessons from nature (29/03/2018)

Our world is made up of relationships. In life, we are constantly moving through a sea of changing relationships – not only with other lives, but also with our surrounding environment and most importantly, with our own changing selves.


Connecting Chidlhood and Nature. Provinding Opportunity when it´s not the norm. (25/5/2017)

It's common to hear people of older generations comment on how different their childhood was compared to the lives of children now.


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Access to nature reduces depression and obesity, finds European study

Trees and green spaces are unrecognised healers offering benefits from increases in mental wellbeing to allergy reductions, says report


Want to live twice as long? Meditation might help (04/2017)
What if you could increase the attention you paid to every moment, no matter how humdrum?


How Awe Stops Your Clock. The experience of vastness slows perception of time. (09/2012)

It might be time to pencil in "awe cultivation" on your to-do list. Although religious thinkers like Søren Kierkegaard cast awe as a state of existential fear and trembling, new research by psychologists at Stanford and the University of Minnesota shows..


Biophilia Effect: Improving Your Designs With Nature (05/2010)

How often have you heard the advice to take a long walk in order to overcome writer’s block or to focus better on a problem you’re trying to solve? Human beings have an affinity for nature. In most cultures throughout history a fondness for nature is easily observed and nature is often prescribed as a healing therapy....


You Spend 5 Percent of Your Day Outside. Try Making It More  (03/2017)

For two decades, Florence Williams could sit on her porch at night and watch the alpenglow on the Rocky Mountains. Then she moved from remote Colorado to Washington, DC, and started noticing the changes.


Take Two Hours of Pine Forest and Call Me in the Morning (11/2012)
These days, screen-addicted Americans are more stressed out and distracted than ever. And nope, there’s no app for that. But there is a radically simple remedy: get outside. Florence Williams travels to the deep woods of Japan, where researchers are backing up the surprising theory that nature can lower your blood pressure, fight off depression, beat back stress



Effectmeting wandelcoaching. Onderzoeksrapport.
Agnes van den Berg. Natuur voor mensen Omgevingspsychologisch onderzoek.November 2016.

Wandelcoaching, of wandelend coachen in een natuurlijke omgeving, is één van de snelst groeiende vormen
van groene zorg. Er zijn echter nog weinig objectieve gegevens bekend over de effectiviteit van wandelcoaching.